Revelation from TV

My parents always warned us about too much television.  They planted an early seed of fear of technology. That certainly wasn’t the intent. They were worried about our eyesight “don’t sit too close!” or radiation and dumbing our brains.  They’d both be surprised at how far technology has come.

I know this because that was my reaction when i stopped in at BestBuy last week to buy our first flat-screen TV. I’ve since walked in and out twice without a television, but WITH an education.  And then I’ve immersed myself online in more of the latest technology to try to understand everything: Roku, Vudu, streaming HD, blu-ray, interlaced vs. progressive, LED, LCD, etc.

I realized as I watched online videos explaining the technology that this all might make more sense if I had an iPhone, ’cause this TV stuff looks like what I’ve seen on other people’s phones.  I am feeling WWAYY left behind by technology.

After all, I have the now two-year old “free” phone from Verizon.  I don’t text, although I have received them. It has a camera but I don’t see the point w/a crappy phone. I’ve been resisting all this technology stuff because I am trying to be frugal and live a simple life, but DAMN, I realize I NEED to get with it (or my kids will be calling me granny soon).

And then today, I started thinking about how I could help move the needle for a friend’s business.  I HAVE a marketing background. I dabble in social networking for my neighborhood organization. I started imagining how I could create videos of cool stuff he’s doing and write blogs to promote it.  Uh, it would be a LOT easier if I had an iPhone w/camera and uploading / facebooking abilities.  Then I went to the library and looked up blogging to see how I could be really smart about it.

THEN, crazy me, I downloaded information from Champlain College about their web design program. I thought, “hey, I just need to update my skills, fill in a few holes in my interactive toolbox” and then I could really start something big for my friend…and maybe others.

This is the coolest thing. I was feeling PUMPED about my future for the first time in forever (ok, since I joined the present).  And THEN, the phone rang and it was Champlain College calling to follow-up on my interest. And when I told him my story, he said, “I’ve got an idea for you, think about it and let’s talk”.

Now I have a tendency to put the cart before the horse when it comes to my excitement, like I already looked at office space (online) and imagine my whole marketing plan! Way out of order. What matters is that I’m PUMPED.

The FIRST thing I want to do is go to BestBuy and just buy that G-D TV and stop being afraid of new technology.  The SECOND thing I’m going to do is update my phone.  And yes, this is all going to cost us more money. But it also might help us MAKE more money.

Go Figure!