Hockey Day One: Divide and Conquer

I may have to re-title my blog “tales of a reluctant hockey mom”.  No doubt I will get more publicity.

Yesterday was day one of hockey for my nine-year old. I started the day feeling overpowered and overrun by the sport before I’d barely gotten out of bed.  Practice wasn’t until 5:55pm but already it had shaped the day for the whole family.

First, the soccer jamboree was cancelled due to weather-related field conditions. While this was a godsend, it immediately took out the balance it provided for my children in that they BOTH got to play the sport. They BOTH had their time to be the star in the family.

Second, Olivia had to try on her hockey gear from last year to see what we needed, if anything. In fact she needed  a few items, so we had to put a trip to the store on the list of things to do.

Third, we were invited to a cocktail party at her new-best-friend’s house by her parents. It would start at 5pm.  We wanted to attend as I like these people and they seemed like a good fit for me & Russ…always looking for new “couple’ friends for us.  The first hockey practice of the season starting at 5:55 the same night would mean we “divide and conquer” to go to the party for a little bit, Russ takes Olivia, I stay with Katie and hold our family position; Russ comes back to be polite and friendly, and then we leave again.  This just messed with our whole kharma. I’m not a big fan of splitting up social events for me & Russ.

Divide and Conquer will probably have to be our strategy all season.

And during breakfast, I put all the hockey practices on my calendar and realized that the practice schedule had shifted from Tues & Thurs during “recruitment” talks to Mon & Weds now that we’re all signed up. Whatever. But that means that Katie’s Mon swim lessons (HER thing) now coincided with Olivia’s hockey practice.  As I announced this, Russ promptly said “well, ole Dad’s just gonna have to leave work early and help make all this happen”.

Oh SURE.  This is my little pity party bit.

NOW he’s SUDDENLY available to “help make hockey happen” for his eldest daughter OLIVIA.  I juggle shit every day, I am constantly making sacrifices to get what my children need; I gently suggest my husband take a little time to take the kids to school once in awhile…not for me but for the kids…it rarely happens.  He can’t leave work in time to make soccer practices. He can’t leave work in time to meet me at the farmers market for a little mini date. He can’t come home at a decent hour on a Friday night for family time.

But Hockey season starts and he declares himself HELPFUL.

Yeah, that’s a little pissy.

And then I realize that the second game of the season starts about the same time my half-marathon race starts…in a town 45 minutes away. And I realize that the chances that my family will be able to support me are small.  Or if they come, it now will happen with the baggage of Olivia having missed a game. It doesn’t feel like that’s the way TRAVEL hockey works.

After all this self-pitying resistence of the change that is happening to my family, Olivia had a good practice.  She forgot her jersey. I hope that doesn’t work against her.  Russ said she did well but the kids are noticably older and bigger than her.

We’ll see how this goes.  That’s my mantra. One day at at time.

2 responses to “Hockey Day One: Divide and Conquer

  1. (((HUGS)) and I feel some of your pain. Not so much from a scheduling stand-point. I was annoyed today when my hubby for saying Joe “looked like he was sleeping” during a drill. I think a curse word even escaped his lips. I hate that…ARGH.

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