Hockey Week 2: She’s Only Nine!

Oh god. It is only the second full week of hockey and it feels like 2 months already.  I can’t imagine even surviving to month two (let alone month FOUR!).

The schedule has been wacky; Wednesday and Thursday practice this week last week tues and weds.  Tryouts were this past weekend. My girl will play on the U12 Girls A/B.  This makes sense, as she is only NINE years old. Haven’t I mentioned this before? She’s Only NINE!

I kept checking the website to see if she would be placed on the A team. I didn’t think it was possible based on her age and the size of the bigger girls, but I AM new to this team, so I was anxious.  the A teams travel MORE than the A/B teams.  So I needed to know if I should start my meltdown this weekend or if I could get a few more things done before it happened.  So, thank goodness, I’ve got more time to go crazy.

The practice schedule this week goes like this. Wednesday 6:15-7:30 in Waterbury.  That’s a forty minute drive from here.  Tack on 15 minutes (min) before and after the practice for suiting up and down and we’re looking at a 5:15 departure and an 8:30 arrival back home. Tack on another 30 minutes, minimum, for the kid to return to earth and chill before hitting the sack.

The next practice is Thursday 7:30-8:40 at Essex. Fortunately, the drive is shorter…just 5-10 minutes.  Tack on the wardrobe change time and the chill-time and we’re looking at a 9:45pm likely bedtime.

Uh, hello? SHE’s ONLY NINE?

Huh? How about a little coach’s meeting with the parents! Oh, and I don’t know who her coach is yet, so I’ve got no one to call and say this is too much, SHE’s ONLY NINE!

For fear of disgracing my child and my family with my protectiveness and attitude, I’ve put Russ onto the task of communicating with the coach..once we know who he/she is.

Hang on tight Julie.  The ride is just getting started.

One response to “Hockey Week 2: She’s Only Nine!

  1. I have three that play on five teams at the peak of the season. The home ice is an hour away. At the beginning of the season I just say goodbye to my friends (social life) and let them know I’ll be contacting them sometime mid-March. I try to remain focused on the positive….we always know where our kids are (15, 13 and 10), lots of quality time (whether they like it or not) and new friends (an hour away). There, it’s all good.
    Have a great season!!

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