The Possibility of Work

It’s back. The possibility. The possibilities.

I’ve thought long and hard about this one.

People try to dissuade me from pursuing this. And yet.

Today, after using my small but growing network, I sent an email with my resume attached to pursue the possibility of part time work with  My contacts gave me the name of who to write. I did. Today. Before lunch. By 2pm, my phone had wrung. I was just about to take a nap. I was surprised. And yet I wasn’t.

That’s why I had to be sure I wanted to pursue this. I felt there was a good chance I’d get a call. Not just because I had help getting my foot in the door, but becuase I’m well qualified.

So, I talked with the lovely woman from HR who had been directed to follow up by the EVP I had written.  I was a little dismayed to talk to HR and not someone deeper in the organization, but it does show the company has a process and it likely works with efficiency. I like that.

I admit I’m a bit rusty discussing my career from 6 years ago. All in all, I think I did well. I was myself. I was candid.  She will talk with the operations department and see if they want to follow-up some more.

I now am left wondering about the possibility of work. It will mean utter chaos at home. It will mean childcare coverage in the summer. It will also mean a new world of work will open to me. And despite that everyone says I should’t , I really really want to work.

It’s nice to ski during the day, but I don’t do it much. It’s nice to walk outdoors and I would very much miss that. But I feel like I’m ready to try fitting both into my life.

Fingers crossed to learn more and maybe go meet these folks in person.

Am I about to shake up everyone’s life? Let’s hope so!

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