Simple Pleasures

As I hoped, the birthday seemed to happen happily.  I am forever grateful for a child who appreciates the simple things in life.

Olivia’s birthday celebration started at breakfast Thursday morning. She had expressed a desire to open one gift in the morning, rather than having to wait A-L-L day and until AFTER Dad came home and until AFTER dinner.  So, yes, this made sense. I selected the gift to start with.

She was OVER-THE-MOON with her gift.  A pair of those new toes-shoes. She is SO her own person. Really, how can I ever fault that?  The look on her face at the time she opened them was so full of genuine happiness that in that one moment, all my fears from a few days ago were erased.

I think she was genuinely happy to receive something she really wanted that she didn’t think she’d get.  Of course, it helped that she actually TOLD me she wanted them. I took advantage of this opportunity a little later in the morning, to point out that sometimes if you ASK you will RECEIVE.

In addition, Olivia’s other gifts worth noting were a new lego set. Lego Architecture: The White House.  She immediately asked Russ to build it with her becuase it says “Architecture” (and Russ is an Engineer who works with Architects).

Her dear Aunt Annie indulged her with the gift she has been asking for for years: NHL Rod Hockey. This is the one that I was afraid she had outgrown. I remember I had been asking for a Barbie Townhouse for years and then my grandparents gave it to me…when I was in the 5th grade…and really, I was more embarrassed to receive it than delighted. I was afraid that might be the case with the Rod Hockey. But, this too appears to be an unfounded concern. She played before going to bed; upon awakening in the morning; and again after getting home from school.  Seeing how that gift was a tip from yours truly, I say, score one for Mom.

Did she want the iPod? the iThingy whatever it was? I don’t know.  I’m just glad I went with the simpler things.  It won’t be forever that she will so enjoy these simple pleasures, but I’m truly grateful that she does.

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