Summer’s Failures

I did it today.  I had hoped it wouldn’t happen. I  think I’ve been close before during this summer. But today I finally had my head-spinning-scary-screaming-mommy-moment which elicited the predictable deer-in-the-headlights followed-by-cowering and then sister-sister-protection from the V.E.R.Y-MEAN-mommy.  Over what?

Over my request to have my children remember to do three things every morning unprompted:

1. Make Bed

2. Brush Teeth

3. Brush Hair

I even made these cute little “friendly-reminder” signs and put them in each of their bedrooms and bathroom, so that I wouldn’t have to run through the list EVERY morning, and so I could give them the independence to “take care of it themselves”.

They did “take care of it themselves” for two days. The two days after I put the signs up.

My “Exorcist” moment now come and gone, and my children have made their beds and naturally now, they are a walking a little gingerly around me.

For what it’s worth, I am still MAD. I’m mad because I lost it. I’m mad because I almost made it through the summer without the Exorcist moment, I’m mad because my patient, gentle approach failed as much as my crazy-lash-out.  I’m mad that they won’t do basic chores without me telling them to do them every day.

I suppose I’m mad because I feel like the only tool left is to levy consequences; I just hate to start the morning that way.

One month till school starts.

Three days till the big family vacation drive.

Half a bottle of wine left in fridge.

Seven hours before a reasonable hour to drink it.


Peace Out.