I started a blog earlier this year entitled “Tales of a Flatlander” about my experiences living in Vermont as a southern ex-pat.  I’ve so enjoyed writing that blog I decided to start another, in part because I found many of my posts were drifting toward life as a mother and the challenges and humor associated with parenting and I didn’t want them to dilute the focus of my other blog.

So today is day one of Are We There Yet?  I figure the title covers the familiar refrain of children worldwide as they travel with family to one place or another.  For my family, we travel enough that they don’t often ask that question, however, as parents, we often wonder if we are there yet, where “there” is either the next phase in our child’s development or the next phase in our adult life as parents.

I often write of our life as a great adventure.  Parenting is the greatest adventure of all. Where yesterday is no particular indicator of today and today cannot accurately predict where tomorrow will go.

Together, we can travel on this journey and decide “are we there yet?” at each turn!