More on women who work, then don’t

From Motherlode, the NYTimes parenting blog, I read this

The reason high-achieving women don’t have children, they concluded, is essentially because women who do have children are more likely to step out of the workplace for some period of time or ratchet back their workloads or otherwise sacrifice their careers. They don’t take off for long — an average of just over two years. But the detour comes at a high cost. Those who are out one to two years lose 15 percent of their lifetime salary compared to those who do not. For those out for three or more years, the salary gap is now 46 percent. Some men do this, too. But the latest numbers show that twice as many women (31 percent) take what the center calls “an off ramp” than men (16 percent.)

Which is all the data I read before I quit but did it anyway.  I won’t say I regret my decision; I do love being engrossed in my children’s lives.  I do wish corporate america (i.e., my former employer) had been more accommodating for a parent (me) dealing with the changes parenthood brought on. I think we could have had a long and prosperous future together.  Instead, I have a happy well adjusted family that is a bit poor and a slightly frustrated mother (again, me).

I am still thinking I can make something of this.  My new website for moms who want work?  Don’t give up, Julie.  Make this a seed for positive change.

The full Motherlode blog: