For Nikki


Last Friday, my friend Nikki posted Five for Friday. So today, I will return a post as requested.  It is a list of five weird/interesting things people probably don’t know about me.  I’ve been thinking about them all week trying to make up the list.

1. I once believed I wanted to be a protestant minister. It must have been another time I was lost in my life! I can’t imagine that life for me.

2. I am a compulsive reader of current events, human interest stories and news of the weird.  This means I read every newspaper I can get my hands on (inexpensively). If I stumble upon a copy of a NYT in someone’s house, I’m lost to it for at least half an hour. I read online news, I read printed news. I read junk mail. I read advertisements. I read blogs. I live for Wednesdays when I can get my copy of SevenDays which I will read nearly cover to cover. Perhaps this all comes from working in advertising for a newspaper and television conglomerate?

3. I relish speaking before an audience of easily 200 adults, but to stand up in front of 20 first graders really makes me sweat!

4.  I’ve dreamed of a life on stage — singing or playing guitar. An impossible dream founded in a shy person with no musical talent!

5.  My favorite thing is to have friends randomly stop by for a visit. It’s better than asking them over as I don’t fret preparations; I feel special because someone dropped in or swung by; and I enjoy myself  immensely in the company of friends but am usually too timid to ask people over.

And since I’ve been so introspective, I thought I’d toss out my favorite unexpected thing to lighten the mood:

6. Bonus quirky thing:  I once had my underwear returned to me by inter-office mail! Now that’s a bitter break-up!!

Thanks Nikki! It was fun.