Oh my, my children are getting BIG! First it was the discovery of the local pop station and now “Fireflies” by Owl City.  One thing I NEVER shared with my parents was music.

I must confess, my first radio was a “bicentennial” edition of a radio-shack am radio that was about the size of a deck of cards. It had this cool red and blue 76 on the outside of the otherwise white case.  I listened to stuff my big sister did plus whatever I could pick up. I mostly remember some Beatles medly and then Jim Croce.  Yipes, as if the radio description didn’t date me enough!

Anyway, I took GREAT pleasure in finding the youtube link to Fireflies, hooking up the laptop to the outside speakers and without warning, CRANKING it for my kids.  They popped out of their swings and started dancing.

I need a better camera to capture these moments. Priceless.

I think I’ll have to nurture this pop music craze, because I cannot handle hip-hop!