Hockey Update, Late January

OK. So we’ve been humming along nicely in hockey world. I seem to have gotten the lack of order of it all under control. In the last 6 weeks, I haven’t forgotten a practice time, been late to a game, missed the turn for a rink, forgotten a piece of equipment or even sworn about hockey.  Such improvement!

I have even baked cookies and banana bread for the charming band of girls.  I have enjoyed watching my daughter play and improve her play. I aaaccctuuuaalllly like going to the games.

I was just feeling like I could get the hang of my game of Hockey Mom (this is a different sport than Hockey) when I realized that we did not just have one tournament to attend, but three.  Apparently we’re beginning the tournament phase of the season.

Tourney #1, Pittsfield MA, a three and one-half hour drive down Route 7. I was good with it until I realized Katie had basketball — the sport she likes to call HER OWN on Saturday.  Back to Divide And Conquer.  I drew the straw to attend the tournament, because, after all, I’m a girl, and I can be infinitely more helpful at a girl’s tournament.  Actually, it wasn’t that bad. I was looking forward to a little hotel chill time with O.  And I was still ok with it until about a half-hour into the trip when I realized I had a stomach bug.  I never hurled. It was ok. Just a shitty drive.  The upside was I had a good excuse to limit my time “hanging with other parents” which I had decided ahead of time would be the hardest part of the gig.

Tourney #2 is the one that has gotten me all twisted up with angst.  This one we were “invited” to late. As I am learning, “late” means the good times are all taken and even though the scheduler for all the girls teams in our league is a high-school principal, and even though he swears he lobbied hard otherwise, our team is scheduled for a first round game at noon on Friday. A school day.  I’ve been wringing my hands over this one for two weeks trying to decide if I will take my child out of school to attend a game or keep her in and weaken the team.

At first I drew the line in the sand and thought, “nope, not going”. I think that stemmed from my “I hate the hockey machine and will not let it run me over” instinct.  After a little time and conversation with the coach and the scheduler, I’m waffling, thinking that it’s a good message to say to my daughter that it’s ok to miss school, as long as you make it up, and support your team.

Ugh. Four days away and I still haven’t decided. I’ve made too much of it.

Tourney #3, and hopefully the last, is in three weeks. It is in Middlebury and also conflicts with basketball and a volunteer commitment of my own.  I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

One day at a time.

Divide and Conquer.

Hockey Mom Sports.